nettxqueue.h header

This header is used by netvista. For more information, see:


Title Description
NetTxQueueCreate Creates a net transmit queue object.
NetTxQueueGetExtension The NetTxQueueGetExtension method retrieves a packet extension for all packets in a transmit (Tx) queue.
NetTxQueueGetRingCollection The NetTxQueueGetRingCollection method retrieves the NET_DATAPATH_DESCRIPTOR structure for a transmit (Tx) queue.
NetTxQueueInitGetQueueId Retrieves the identifier associated with a transmit queue.
NetTxQueueNotifyMoreCompletedPacketsAvailable The client driver calls NetTxQueueNotifyMoreCompletedPacketsAvailable to resume queue operations after NetAdapterCx calls the client's EVT_TXQUEUE_SET_NOTIFICATION_ENABLED event callback routine.