RtlIsPartialPlaceholderFileHandle function

The RtlIsPartialPlaceholderFileHandle routine determines if a file is a known type of placeholder, based on a file handle.


NTSYSAPI NTSTATUS RtlIsPartialPlaceholderFileHandle(
  HANDLE   FileHandle,
  PBOOLEAN IsPartialPlaceholder



FileHandle is a handle to the placeholder file whose partial state is to be queried. The file handle must have at least FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES access.


IsPartialPlaceholder is a pointer to a boolean which is TRUE if the file or directory is a placeholder. It returns FALSE if either the file or directory is not a placeholder or is a full placeholder; undefined on failure.

Return Value

Returns STATUS_SUCCESS if IsPartialPlaceholder is valid and not undefined.


Windows version Available starting with Windows 10, version 1709.
Target Platform Windows
Header ntifs.h (include Ntifs.h)

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