IPrintOemUI::DevQueryPrintEx method

The IPrintOemUI::DevQueryPrintEx method allows a user interface plug-in to help determine if a print job is printable.


HRESULT DevQueryPrintEx(
  POEMUIOBJ           poemuiobj,
  PDEVMODE            pPublicDM,
  PVOID               pOEMDM



Caller-supplied pointer to an OEMUIOBJ structure.


Caller-supplied pointer to a DEVQUERYPRINT_INFO structure.


Caller-supplied pointer to a validated DEVMODEW structure.


Caller-supplied pointer to the user interface plug-in's private DEVMODEW structure members.

Return Value

The method must return one of the following values.

Return code Description
The operation succeeded.
The operation failed.
The method is not implemented.


A user interface plug-in's IPrintOemUI::DevQueryPrintEx method performs the same types of operations as the DevQueryPrintEx function that is exported by user-mode printer interface DLLs. You can use this method to enhance the functionality provided by the DevQueryPrintEx function. Like the DevQueryPrintEx function, the IPrintOemUI::DevQueryPrintEx method's responsibility is to determine if the print job described by the supplied DEVMODEW structure can be printed.

When the driver's DevQueryPrintEx function is called, it checks the DEVMODEW structure, along with the currently selected printer options, to determine if the job is printable. If it is not, the function returns FALSE. If the job appears to be printable, the function calls the IPrintOemUI::DevQueryPrintEx method in each user interface plug-in associated with the driver. If all IPrintOemUI::DevQueryPrintEx methods return S_OK, then DevQueryPrintEx returns TRUE. Thus, a job is not printable unless the DevQueryPrintEx function and all IPrintOemUI::DevQueryPrintEx methods declare it to be printable.

If IPrintOemUI::DevQueryPrintEx methods are exported by multiple user interface plug-ins, the methods are called in the order that the plug-ins are specified for installation.

For more information about creating and installing user interface plug-ins, see Customizing Microsoft's Printer Drivers.


Target Platform Desktop
Header prcomoem.h (include Prcomoem.h)

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