IPrintOemUni::PublishDriverInterface method

The IPrintOemUni::PublishDriverInterface method allows a rendering plug-in for Unidrv to obtain the Unidrv driver's IPrintOemDriverUni or IPrintCoreHelperUni interface.


HRESULT PublishDriverInterface(
  IUnknown *pIUnknown



Caller-supplied pointer to the IUnknown interface of the driver's IPrintOemDriverUni COM Interface or IPrintCoreHelperUni interface.

Return Value

The method must return one of the following values.

Return code Description
The operation succeeded.
The operation failed.


A rendering plug-in for Unidrv must implement the IPrintOemUni::PublishDriverInterface method, and the method must return S_OK in response to at least one call. Otherwise, the driver will not call the plug-in's other IPrintOemUni interface methods.

The method should return information on its supported Unidrv interfaces as follows:

  1. The Unidrv driver first calls the IPrintOemUI::PublishDriverInterface method with the pIUnknown pointer set to the IPrintOemDriverUni instance's IUnknown interface. If the rendering plug-in will be calling IPrintOemDriverUni interface methods, it must use the received IUnknown interface pointer to call IUnknown::QueryInterface (described in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation) in order to obtain a pointer to the driver's supported version of the IPrintOemDriverUni interface. For more information, see Interface Identifiers for Printer Drivers.
  2. If the plug-in's IPrintOemUni::GetInfo method has returned a value of OEMPUBLISH_IPRINTCOREHELPER in pBuffer in response to a call with dwMode set to OEMGI_GETREQUESTEDHELPERINTERFACES, the Unidrv driver calls the IPrintOemUni::PublishDriverInterface method again, but with the pIUnknown pointer set to an object that implements the IPrintCoreHelperUni and IPrintCoreHelper interfaces. If the plug-in retains a pointer to the object, the method should return S_OK. Otherwise, the method should return E_FAIL.


Target Platform Desktop
Header prcomoem.h (include Prcomoem.h)

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