The IOCTL_USB_GET_NODE_INFORMATION I/O control request is used with the USB_NODE_INFORMATION structure to retrieve information about a parent device.

IOCTL_USB_GET_NODE_INFORMATION is a user-mode I/O control request. This request targets the USB hub device (GUID_DEVINTERFACE_USB_HUB).

Major Code


Input Buffer

On input, the AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer member points to a USB_NODE_INFORMATION structure. On input, the NodeType member of this structure must indicate whether the parent device is a hub or a non-hub composite device.

Input Buffer Length

The size of a USB_NODE_INFORMATION structure.

Output Buffer

On output, AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer points to a USB_NODE_INFORMATION structure that holds information about the parent device.

Output Buffer Length

The size of a USB_NODE_INFORMATION structure.

Status Block

The USB stack sets Irp->IoStatus.Status to STATUS_SUCCESS if the request is successful. Otherwise, the USB stack sets Status to the appropriate error condition, such as STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER or STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES.


Header usbioctl.h (include Usbioctl.h)

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