The VP_DEVICE_DESCRIPTION structure describes the attributes of the physical device for which a driver is requesting a DMA object.


typedef struct _VP_DEVICE_DESCRIPTION {
  BOOLEAN ScatterGather;
  BOOLEAN Dma32BitAddresses;
  BOOLEAN Dma64BitAddresses;
  ULONG   MaximumLength;



        If <b>TRUE</b>, specifies that 32-bit addresses are being used for DMA operations.


        If <b>TRUE</b>, specifies that 64-bit addresses are being used for DMA operations.


        Specifies the maximum number of bytes the device can handle in each DMA operation.


        If <b>TRUE</b>, indicates that the device supports scatter/gather DMA. If <b>FALSE</b>, the device does not support scatter/gather DMA.

## Remarks
    This structure is available in Windows XP and later.</p>


Windows Driver kit version
Minimum KMDF version
Minimum UMDF version
Header video.h (include Video.h)