WdfWdmDriverGetWdfDriverHandle function

[Applies to KMDF only]

The WdfWdmDriverGetWdfDriverHandle method returns a handle to the framework driver object that is associated with a specified Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver object.


WDFDRIVER WdfWdmDriverGetWdfDriverHandle(
  _In_ PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject



A pointer to a WDM driver object.

Return Value

WdfWdmDriverGetWdfDriverHandle returns a handle to a framework driver object. A system bug check occurs if the DriverObject pointer is NULL.


Target Platform Universal
Minimum KMDF version 1.0
Header wdfdriver.h (include Wdf.h)
Library Wdf01000.sys (see Framework Library Versioning.)
IRQL Any level
DDI compliance rules DriverCreate