[Applies to KMDF and UMDF]

The WDF_USB_BMREQUEST_TYPE enumeration identifies the data transfer type for a USB control transfer.


typedef enum _WDF_USB_BMREQUEST_TYPE { 
  BmRequestStandard  = BMREQUEST_STANDARD,
  BmRequestClass     = BMREQUEST_CLASS,
  BmRequestVendor    = BMREQUEST_VENDOR


BmRequestClass The data transfer is a device class-specific USB control transfer.
BmRequestStandard The data transfer is a standard USB control transfer.
BmRequestVendor The data transfer is a vendor-specific USB control transfer.
## Remarks

    The <b>WDF_USB_BMREQUEST_TYPE</b> enumeration is used in the <a href="..\wdfusb\ns-wdfusb-_wdf_usb_control_setup_packet.md">WDF_USB_CONTROL_SETUP_PACKET</a> structure.

For more information about data transfer types for a USB control transfer, see the USB specification.


Minimum KMDF version 1.0
Minimum UMDF version 2.0
Header wdfusb.h (include Wdfusb.h)
## See Also

    <a href="..\wdfusb\ns-wdfusb-_wdf_usb_control_setup_packet.md">WDF_USB_CONTROL_SETUP_PACKET</a>

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