IDebugClient2 interface


The IDebugClient2 interface inherits from IDebugClient. IDebugClient2 also has these types of members:


The IDebugClient2 interface has these methods.

Method Description
IDebugClient2::AbandonCurrentProcess The AbandonCurrentProcess method removes the current process from the debugger engine's process list without detaching or terminating the process.
IDebugClient2::AddProcessOptions The AddProcessOptions method adds the process options to those options that affect the current process.
IDebugClient2::AttachProcess The AttachProcess method connects the debugger engine to a user-modeprocess.
IDebugClient2::CreateClient The CreateClient method creates a new client object for the current thread.
IDebugClient2::DetachCurrentProcess The DetachCurrentProcess method detaches the debugger engine from the current process, resuming all its threads.
IDebugClient2::DispatchCallbacks The DispatchCallbacks method lets the debugger engine use the current thread for callbacks.
IDebugClient2::EndSession The EndSession method ends the current debugger session.
IDebugClient2::ExitDispatch The ExitDispatch method causes the DispatchCallbacks method to return.
IDebugClient2::GetEventCallbacks The GetEventCallbacks method returns the event callbacks object registered with this client.
IDebugClient2::GetExitCode The GetExitCode method returns the exit code of the current process if that process has already run through to completion.
IDebugClient2::GetInputCallbacks The GetInputCallbacks method returns the input callbacks object registered with this client.
IDebugClient2::GetKernelConnectionOptions The GetKernelConnectionOptions method returns the connection options for the current kernel target.
IDebugClient2::GetOutputCallbacks The GetOutputCallbacks method returns the output callbacks object registered with the client.
IDebugClient2::GetRunningProcessSystemIdByExecutableName The GetRunningProcessSystemIdByExecutableName method searches for a process with a given executable file name and return its process ID.
IDebugClient2::OpenDumpFile The OpenDumpFile method opens a dump file as a debugger target.
IDebugClient2::RemoveProcessOptions The RemoveProcessOptions method removes process options from those options that affect the current process.
IDebugClient2::SetEventCallbacks The SetEventCallbacks method registers an event callbacks object with this client.
IDebugClient2::SetKernelConnectionOptions The SetKernelConnectionOptions method updates some of the connection options for a live kernel target.
IDebugClient2::SetOtherOutputMask The SetOtherOutputMask method sets the output mask for another client.
IDebugClient2::SetOutputMask The SetOutputMask method sets the output mask for the client.
IDebugClient2::SetProcessOptions The SetProcessOptions method sets the process options affecting the current process.
IDebugClient2::TerminateCurrentProcess The TerminateCurrentProcess method attempts to terminate the current process.
IDebugClient2::WriteDumpFile The WriteDumpFile method creates a user-mode or kernel-modecrash dump file.
IDebugClient2::ConnectProcessServer The ConnectProcessServer methods connect to a process server.
IDebugClient2::CreateProcess The CreateProcess method creates a process from the specified command line.
IDebugClient2::DetachProcesses The DetachProcesses method detaches the debugger engine from all processes in all targets, resuming all their threads.
IDebugClient2::GetProcessOptions The GetProcessOptions method retrieves the process options affecting the current process.
IDebugClient2::GetRunningProcessSystemIds The GetRunningProcessSystemIds method returns the process IDs for each running process.
IDebugClient2::StartProcessServer The StartProcessServer method starts a process server.
IDebugClient2::TerminateProcesses The TerminateProcesses method attempts to terminate all processes in all targets.
IDebugClient2::CreateProcessAndAttach The CreateProcessAndAttach method creates a process from a specified command line, then attach to another user-mode process.
IDebugClient2::DisconnectProcessServer The DisconnectProcessServer method disconnects the debugger engine from a process server.
IDebugClient2::GetRunningProcessDescription The GetRunningProcessDescription method returns a description of the process that includes the executable image name, the service names, the MTS package names, and the command line.
IDebugClient2::IsKernelDebuggerEnabled The IsKernelDebuggerEnabled method checks whether kernel debugging is enabled for the local kernel.
IDebugClient2::OutputServers The OutputServers method lists the servers running on a given computer.
IDebugClient2::StartServer The StartServer method starts a debugging server.
IDebugClient2::WaitForProcessServerEnd The WaitForProcessServerEnd method waits for a local process server to exit.
IDebugClient2::AddDumpInformationFile The AddDumpInformationFile method registers additional files containing supporting information that will be used when opening a dump file. The Unicode version of this method is AddDumpInformationFileWide.
IDebugClient2::AttachKernel The AttachKernel methods connect the debugger engine to a kernel target.
IDebugClient2::ConnectSession The ConnectSession method joins the client to an existing debugger session.
IDebugClient2::GetIdentity The GetIdentity method returns a string describing the computer and user this client represents.
IDebugClient2::GetOtherOutputMask The GetOtherOutputMask method returns the output mask for another client.
IDebugClient2::GetOutputMask The GetOutputMask method returns the output mask currently set for the client.
IDebugClient2::SetOutputCallbacks The SetOutputCallbacks method registers an output callbacks object with this client.
IDebugClient2::EndProcessServer The EndProcessServer method requests that a process server be shut down.
IDebugClient2::FlushCallbacks The FlushCallbacks method forces any remaining buffered output to be delivered to the IDebugOutputCallbacks object registered with this client.
IDebugClient2::OutputIdentity The OutputIdentity method formats and outputs a string describing the computer and user this client represents.
IDebugClient2::SetInputCallbacks The SetInputCallbacks method registers an input callbacks object with the client.
IDebugClient2::WriteDumpFile2 The WriteDumpFile2 method creates a user-mode or kernel-modecrash dump file.


Target Platform Windows
Header dbgeng.h (include Dbgeng.h)

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