NdisTestNblFlag macro (ndis/nblaccessors.h)

The NdisTestNblFlag macro retrieves the current setting of a flag in a NET_BUFFER_LIST structure.


void NdisTestNblFlag(



A pointer to a NET_BUFFER_LIST structure.


The flag in the NblFlags member of the NET_BUFFER_LIST structure for which to retrieve the current setting.

Return value

NdisTestNblFlag returns TRUE if the flag that is specified in the _F parameter is set. Otherwise, this macro returns FALSE.


NDIS drivers use the NdisTestNblFlag macro to retrieve the setting of the specified flag (_F) in the NblFlags member of a NET_BUFFER_LIST structure.

For more information about the flags, see the NblFlags member on the NET_BUFFER_LIST topic.


Minimum supported client Supported in NDIS 6.0 and later.
Target Platform Universal
Header ndis/nblaccessors.h (include ndis.h)

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