FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList function (ntifs.h)

The FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList routine allocates memory pool from a given lookaside list for an extra create parameter (ECP) context structure, and generates a pointer to that structure.


NTSTATUS FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList(
  [in]           LPCGUID                                        EcpType,
  [in]           ULONG                                          SizeOfContext,
  [in]           FSRTL_ALLOCATE_ECP_FLAGS                       Flags,
  [in, out]      PVOID                                          LookasideList,
  [out]          PVOID                                          *EcpContext


[in] EcpType

Pointer to a GUID that indicates the type of ECP for whicha context structure should be allocated. For more information about ECPs, see Using Extra Create Parameters with an IRP_MJ_CREATE Operation.

[in] SizeOfContext

The size, in bytes, of the ECP context structure.

[in] Flags

Defines pool allocation options. If the value of the SizeOfContext parameter is larger than the size, in bytes, of the lookaside list that the LookasideList parameter points to, FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList allocates the ECP context structure from system pool instead of the lookaside list. In this case, if the Flags parameter contains the FSRTL_ALLOCATE_ECP_FLAG_CHARGE_QUOTA bit flag value, system pool allocated by FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList is charged against the current process' memory quota. For more information about bit flag values, see the Flags parameter of FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameter. In the more typical case, when FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList allocates memory for the ECP context structure from the lookaside list, FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList ignores the FSRTL_ALLOCATE_ECP_FLAG_CHARGE_QUOTA bit flag.

[in, optional] CleanupCallback

Optional pointer to a minifilter-defined cleanup callback routine of type PFSRTL_EXTRA_CREATE_PARAMETER_CLEANUP_CALLBACK. The cleanup callback routine is called when the ECP context structure is deleted. Set this parameter to NULL if a cleanup callback routine is not applicable.

[in, out] LookasideList

Pointer to an initialized lookaside list from which FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList attempts to allocate pool (for the ECP context structure). To initialize the lookaside list, use the FsRtlInitExtraCreateParameterLookasideList routine.

[out] EcpContext

Pointer to a location that receives a pointer to the allocated ECP context structure. If FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList failed to allocate sufficient pool for the ECP context structure, FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList sets EcpContext to NULL and returns status code STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES.

Return value

The FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList routine can return one of the following values:

Return code Description
STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES The FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList routine was unable to allocate sufficient memory for an ECP context structure. In this case, the EcpContext parameter is NULL.
STATUS_SUCCESS The ECP context structure was successfully allocated. In this case, FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList returns a pointer to the allocated structure in the EcpContext parameter.


Use the FsRtlInitExtraCreateParameterLookasideList routine to initialize a paged or nonpaged pool lookaside list. Use the FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList routine to allocate an ECP context structure from the lookaside list, and the FsRtlFreeExtraCreateParameter routine to deallocate the ECP context structure.

Use the FsRtlDeleteExtraCreateParameterLookasideList routine to free a lookaside list.

Drivers must free all ECP context structures and lookaside lists they create before unloading. However, if a file system or file system filter driver attaches an ECP to an existing or newly-created ECP_LIST while processing an IRP_MJ_CREATE request, this ECP is automatically cleaned up when the IRP completes. As a result, a filter driver does not have to clean up ECPs that are added dynamically. This allows a filter driver's ECP to be properly propagated across the re-parse points, a process that can require multiple IRP_MJ_CREATE requests to be generated.

For more information about using lookaside lists with drivers, see Using Lookaside Lists.


Minimum supported client FsRtlAllocateExtraCreateParameterFromLookasideList is available starting with Windows Vista.
Target Platform Universal
Header ntifs.h (include Ntifs.h)
Library NtosKrnl.lib
DLL NtosKrnl.exe

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