POFXCALLBACKREQUESTINTERRUPT callback function (pep_x.h)

The RequestInterrupt routine requests that the operating system replay an edge-triggered interrupt that might have been lost while the hardware platform was in a low-power state.


POFXCALLBACKREQUESTINTERRUPT Pofxcallbackrequestinterrupt;

NTSTATUS Pofxcallbackrequestinterrupt(
  [in] ULONG Gsiv


[in] Gsiv

The global system interrupt vector (GSIV) number that identifies this interrupt. The ACPI firmware assigns GSIV numbers to all primary interrupt lines. For secondary (GPIO) interrupt lines, the GSIV number is dynamically assigned by the operating system.

Return value

RequestInterrupt returns STATUS_SUCCESS if the specified interrupt is successfully replayed. Possible error return values include the following status code.

Return code Description
Not a valid GSIV number.


This routine is implemented by the power management framework (PoFx) and is called by the platform extension plug-in (PEP). The RequestInterrupt member of the PEP_KERNEL_INFORMATION_STRUCT_V3 structure is a pointer to an RequestInterrupt routine.

Assertion of an edge-triggered interrupt signal is transient in nature and can be lost if the power to a primary interrupt controller is gated off when the interrupt occurs. In contrast, a level-triggered interrupt signal is expected to remain asserted until it can be serviced.

A PEP can call this routine at IRQL <= HIGH_LEVEL.


Minimum supported client Supported starting with Windows 10.
Target Platform Windows
Header pep_x.h (include Pep_x.h)

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