PEPCALLBACKNOTIFYACPI callback function (pepfx.h)

An AcceptAcpiNotification event callback routine handles ACPI notifications from the Windows power management framework (PoFx).


PEPCALLBACKNOTIFYACPI Pepcallbacknotifyacpi;

BOOLEAN Pepcallbacknotifyacpi(
  [in]                ULONG Notification,
  [in, out, optional] PVOID Data


[in] Notification

The ACPI notification ID. This parameter specifies the type of ACPI notification that PoFx is sending. For a list of ACPI notification IDs, see ACPI notifications.

[in, out, optional] Data

A pointer to a PoFx-allocated structure that contains the input and/or output data for this notification. The type of this structure depends on the notification ID specified by Notification. For a list of the structure types that are defined for the various ACPI notification IDs, see ACPI notifications.

Return value

The AcceptAcpiNotification routine must return TRUE if it handles the notification, or FALSE if it does not.


This routine is implemented by the platform extension plug-in (PEP) for a device. The AcceptAcpiNotification member of the PEP_INFORMATION structure is a pointer to an AcceptAcpiNotification routine. The PEP calls the PoFxRegisterPlugin or PoFxRegisterPluginEx routine to register the PEP's AcceptAcpiNotification routine with PoFx.

The IRQL at which the PEP's AcceptAcpiNotification routine is called varies according to the type of notification that is being sent. The notification type is specified by the Notification parameter. For more information about the IRQL at which each notification type is sent, see the individual reference pages under ACPI notifications.


Minimum supported client Supported starting with Windows 10.
Target Platform Windows
Header pepfx.h (include Pep_x.h)

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