PcCreateContentMixed function

The PcCreateContentMixed function computes the DRM content rights for a composite stream containing mixed content from some number of KS audio streams. Note that this function call is identical in operation to the DrmCreateContentMixed function, and its parameter definitions and return value are also identical.


  PULONG paContentId,
  ULONG  cContentId,
  PULONG pMixedContentId



Pointer to an array of DRM content IDs. Each array element is of type ULONG and contains a content ID that represents a protected KS audio stream. If cContentId is zero, paContentID can be NULL. A content ID of zero is a special value that represents an audio stream with default DRM content rights (see DEFINE_DRMRIGHTS_DEFAULT).


Specifies the number of DRM content IDs in the paContentId array. The array can hold zero or more content IDs.


Output pointer for the composite content ID. This parameter points to a caller-allocated ULONG variable into which the function writes the new content ID for the composite KS audio stream. If cContentId is zero, the function assigns default DRM content rights to the new content ID.

Return value

See return value definition in DrmCreateContentMixed.


For more information, see the comments in DrmCreateContentMixed.


Minimum supported client The PortCls system driver implements the PcCreateContentMixed function in Microsoft Windows XP and later operating systems.
Target Platform Universal
Header portcls.h (include Portcls.h)
Library Portcls.lib

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