IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream interface

The IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream interface represents the output wave stream. IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream inherits from the IUnknown interface.

IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream is supported in Windows 10 and later.


The IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream interface inherits from the IUnknown interface.


The IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream interface has these methods.

Method Description
IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream::GetOutputStreamPresentationPosition Returns stream presentation information.
IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream::GetPacketCount GetPacketCount returns the (1-based) count of packets completely transferred from the WaveRT buffer into hardware.
IMiniportWaveRTOutputStream::SetWritePacket SetWritePacket informs the driver that the OS has written valid data to the WaveRT buffer.


Target Platform Windows
Header portcls.h