IStiDevice::RawReadCommand method

The IStiDevice::RawReadCommand method reads command information from a still image device.


HRESULT RawReadCommand(
  LPVOID       lpBuffer,
  LPDWORD      lpdwNumberOfBytes,
  LPOVERLAPPED lpOverlapped



Caller-supplied pointer to a buffer to receive data read from the device.


Caller-supplied pointer to a DWORD. The caller must load the DWORD with the number of bytes in the buffer pointed to by lpBuffer. On return, it will contain the number of bytes actually read.


Optional, caller-supplied pointer to an OVERLAPPED structure (described in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation).

Return value

If the operation succeeds, the method returns S_OK. Otherwise, it returns one of the STIERR-prefixed error codes defined in stierr.h.


The IStiDevice::RawReadCommand method calls IStiUSD::RawReadCommand, which is exported by vendor-supplied minidrivers. The meaning of buffer contents are vendor-defined.

It is only necessary to call IStiDevice::RawReadCommand if command and data information are read from a device by different methods. For other devices, IStiDevice::RawReadData can be used for both commands and data.

Before calling IStiDevice::RawReadCommand, clients of the IStiDevice COM interface must call IStillImage::CreateDevice to obtain an IStiDevice interface pointer, which provides access to a specified device.

A call to IStiDevice::RawReadCommand must be preceded by a call to IStiDevice::LockDevice and followed by a call to IStiDevice::UnLockDevice.


Target Platform Desktop
Header sti.h (include Sti.h)