IStiUSD::SetNotificationHandle method

A still image minidriver's IStiUSD::SetNotificationHandle method specifies an event handle that the minidriver should use to inform the caller of device events.


HRESULT SetNotificationHandle(
  HANDLE hEvent



Caller-supplied handle to a Win32 event, created by calling CreateEvent.

Return value

If the operation succeeds, the method should return S_OK. Otherwise, it should return one of the STIERR-prefixed error codes defined in stierr.h.


If the driver (and device) supports asynchronous notification of Still Image Device Events, the minidriver's IStiUSD::SetNotificationHandle method is the means by which the event monitor requests the driver to notify it when an event occurs.

If hEvent is an event handle, the IStiUSD::SetNotificationHandle method should store the handle and use it as an input argument to SetEvent (described in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation). The driver should call SetEvent each time a device event is detected, to notify the event monitor that an event has occurred.

If hEvent is NULL, the method should disable notification of device events.


Target Platform Desktop
Header stiusd.h (include Stiusd.h)