StorPortSetDeviceQueueDepth function (storport.h)

The StorPortSetDeviceQueueDepth routine sets the maximum depth of the device queue for the indicated device.


STORPORT_API BOOLEAN StorPortSetDeviceQueueDepth(
  [in] PVOID HwDeviceExtension,
  [in] UCHAR PathId,
  [in] UCHAR TargetId,
  [in] UCHAR Lun,
  [in] ULONG Depth


[in] HwDeviceExtension

A pointer to the miniport driver's per-HBA storage area.

[in] PathId

Contains the path ID of the target device.

[in] TargetId

Contains the device number of the target device.

[in] Lun

Contains the logical unit number of the target device.

[in] Depth

Supplies the depth to which the queue is to be set. This value is always > 0.

Return value

StorPortSetDeviceQueueDepth returns TRUE if the queue depth was successfully set, or FALSE if the operation failed.


Before the first call to StorPortSetDeviceQueueDepth, the device queue depth is set to the default value.

The StorPortSetDeviceQueueDepth routine should be called when the miniport driver receives the first SCSI Inquiry command for the specified LUN, or at any time thereafter (but not before), as long as the LUN is valid.


Target Platform Universal
Header storport.h (include Storport.h)
Library Storport.lib