udecxwdfdevice.h header

This header is used for developing an emulated Universal Serial Bus (USB) host controller driver and a connected virtual USB device. Both components are combined into a single KMDF driver that communicates with the Microsoft-provided USB device emulation class extension (UdeCx).

Do not include this header directly. Instead include Udecx.h.

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Title Description
UdecxInitializeWdfDeviceInit Initializes device initialization operations when the Plug and Play (PnP) manager reports the existence of a device.
UdecxWdfDeviceAddUsbDeviceEmulation Initializes a framework device object to support operations related to a host controller and a virtual USB device attached to the controller.
UdecxWdfDeviceNeedsReset Informs the USB device emulation class extension (UdeCx) that the device needs a reset operation.
UdecxWdfDeviceResetComplete Informs the USB device emulation class extension (UdeCx) that the reset operation on the specified controller has competed.
UdecxWdfDeviceTryHandleUserIoctl Attempts to handle an IOCTL request sent by a user-mode software.

Callback functions

Title Description
EVT_UDECX_WDF_DEVICE_QUERY_USB_CAPABILITY The UDE client driver's implementation to determine the capabilities that are supported by the emulated USB host controller.
EVT_UDECX_WDF_DEVICE_RESET The UDE client driver's implementation to reset the emulated host controller or the devices attached to it.


Title Description
UDECX_WDF_DEVICE_CONFIG Contains pointers to event callback functions implemented by the UDE client driver for a USB host controller. Initialize this structure by calling UDECX_WDF_DEVICE_CONFIG_INIT.


Title Description
UDECX_WDF_DEVICE_RESET_ACTION Defines values that indicate the types of reset operation supported by an emulated USB host controller.
UDECX_WDF_DEVICE_RESET_TYPE Defines values that indicates the type of reset for a UDE device.