WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest function

[Applies to KMDF and UMDF]

The WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest method delivers a specified request to the driver, so that the driver can process the request.


NTSTATUS WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest(
  WDFQUEUE   Queue,
  WDFREQUEST FoundRequest,
  WDFREQUEST *OutRequest



A handle to a framework queue object.


A handle to a framework request object that was obtained by calling WdfIoQueueFindRequest.


A pointer to a location that receives a handle to a framework request object. The driver must use this handle when processing the request.

Return value

WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest returns STATUS_SUCCESS if the operation succeeds. Otherwise, this method might return one of the following values:

Return code Description
The driver supplied an invalid handle.
The request that is identified by the FoundRequest parameter cannot be found in the I/O queue.
The framework reached the end of the I/O queue without finding a request that matches the search criteria.

This method also might return other NTSTATUS values.

A bug check occurs if the driver supplies an invalid object handle.


After calling WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest to obtain an I/O request, the driver owns the request and must process the I/O request in some manner.

Before calling WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest, the driver must call WdfIoQueueFindRequest, which retrieves a handle that the driver can use as the FoundRequest parameter to WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest.

If your driver was built with KMDF version 1.11 or later, the driver can call WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest without first calling WdfIoQueueFindRequest. In this case, the driver must ensure that the request object is still valid and in the queue.

If a call to WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest returns STATUS_NOT_FOUND, a request that was previously in the queue has been removed. The request might have been canceled.

For more information about the WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest method, see Managing I/O Queues.


For a code example that uses WdfIoQueueRetrieveFoundRequest, see WdfIoQueueFindRequest.


Target Platform Universal
Minimum KMDF version 1.0
Minimum UMDF version 2.0
Header wdfio.h (include Wdf.h)
Library Wdf01000.sys (KMDF); WUDFx02000.dll (UMDF)
DDI compliance rules DoubleCompletion, DriverCreate, KmdfIrql, KmdfIrql2, wdfioqueuefindrequestfailed, wdfioqueueretrievefoundrequest

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