IWiaMiniDrv::drvDeleteItem method

The IWiaMiniDrv::drvDeleteItem method deletes the current driver item.


HRESULT drvDeleteItem(
  BYTE *__MIDL__IWiaMiniDrv0053,
  LONG __MIDL__IWiaMiniDrv0054,
  LONG *__MIDL__IWiaMiniDrv0055



lFlags [in]

  • Is currently unused.


pWiasContext [in]

  • Pointer to a WIA item context.


plDevErrVal [out]

  • Points to a memory location that will receive a status code for this method. If this method returns S_OK, the value stored will be zero. Otherwise, a minidriver-specific error code will be stored at the location pointed to by this parameter.

Return value

On success, the method should return S_OK and clear the device error value pointed to by plDevErrVal. If the method fails, it should return a standard COM error code and place a minidriver-specific error code value in the memory pointed to by plDevErrVal. The value pointed to by plDevErrVal can be converted to a string by calling IWiaMiniDrv::drvGetDeviceErrorStr.


In order to delete a driver item, the WIA service will call the minidriver method IWiaMiniDrv::drvDeleteItem. In this method, the minidriver will attempt to delete the item pointed to by the WIA service context parameter pWiasContext. If the item is successfully deleted, the method returns S_OK and sets the device error value parameter plDevErrVal to zero. If a device error occurs, the method returns E_FAIL and a device-specific error value in the device error value parameter plDevErrVal.

Before the WIA service calls this method, it verifies the following:

  • The item is not the root item.

  • If the item is a folder, it does not have any children.

  • The item's access rights allow deletion.

Since the WIA service verifies these conditions, it is not necessary for the minidriver to also verify them.


Target Platform Desktop
Header wiamindr_lh.h (include Wiamindr.h)

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