!amli ln

The !amli ln extension displays the specified method or the method containing a given address.


!amli ln [ MethodName | CodeAddress ]


Specifies the full path of the method name. If MethodName specifies an object that is not actually a method, an error results.

Specifies the address of the AML code that is contained in the desired method. If CodeAddress is prefixed with two percent signs (%%), it is interpreted as a physical address. Otherwise, it is interpreted as a virtual address.



Additional Information

For information about related commands and their uses, see The AMLI Debugger.


If neither MethodName nor CodeAddress is specified, the method associated with the current context is displayed.

The following command shows the method being currently run:

kd> !amli ln
c29accf5: \_WAK

The method _WAK is shown, with address 0xC29ACCF5.

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