.extmatch (Display All Matching Extensions)

The .extmatch command displays extension commands exported by the currently loaded extension DLLs that match the specified pattern.

.extmatch [Options] Pattern 


Specifies the searching options. You can use one or more of the following options:

/e **** ExtDLLPattern
Limits the enumeration to extension commands exported by extension DLLs that match the specified pattern string. ExtDLLPattern is matched against the extension DLL filename.

Excludes the extension name when the extensions are displayed. Thus, if this option is specified, then only the extension name itself will be displayed.

Displays the output using Debugger Markup Language (DML). In the output, each listed extension is a link that you can click to get more information about the extension. Not all extension modules support DML.

Specifies a pattern that the extension must contain. Patterncan contain a variety of wildcard characters and specifiers. For more information about the syntax, see String Wildcard Syntax.



User mode, kernel mode


Live, crash dump




To display a list of loaded extension DLLs, use the .chain command.

Here is an example of this command, showing all the loaded extension DLLs that have an export named !help:

0:000> .extmatch help 

The following example lists all extension commands beginning with the string "he" that are exported by extension DLLs whose names begin with the string "ex":

0:000> .extmatch /e ext* he* 

The following example lists all extension commands, so we can see which ones support DML.

screen shot of .extmatch /d output

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