The !help extension displays help text that describes the extension commands exported from the extension DLL.

Do not confuse this extension command with the ? (Command Help) or .help (Meta-Command Help) commands.

![ExtensionDLL.]help [-v] [CommandName] 


Displays help for the specified extension DLL. Type the name of an extension DLL without the .dll file name extension. If the DLL file is not in the extension search path (as displayed by using .chain (List Debugger Extensions)), include the path to the DLL file. For example, to display help for uext.dll, type !uext.help or !Path\winext\uext.help.

If you omit the ExtensionDLL, the debugger will display the help text for the first extension DLL in the list of loaded DLLs.

Displays the most detailed help text available. This feature is not supported in all DLLs.

Displays only the help text for the specified command. This feature is not supported in all DLLs or for all commands.


This extension is supported by most extension DLLs.


Some individual commands will also display a help text if you use the /? or -? parameter with the command name.

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