The !hidkd.hidfdo command displays HID information associated with a functional device object (FDO).

!hidkd.hidfdo fdo


Address of an FDO. To get the addresses of FDOs that are associated with HID drivers, use the !usbhid.hidtree command.




Here is an example of the output of the !hidfdo command. The example first calls !hidtree to get the address of an FDO.

0: kd> !hidkd.hidtree
HID Device Tree
FDO  VendorID:0x045E(Microsoft Corporation) ProductID:0x0745 Version:0x0634
!hidfdo 0xffffe00004f466e0
0: kd> !hidfdo 0xffffe00004f466e0
# FDO 0xffffe00004f466e0  (!devobj/!devstack)

  Name              : \Device\_HID00000002
  Vendor ID         : 0x045E(Microsoft Corporation)
  Product ID        : 0x0745
  Version Number    : 0x0634
  Is Present?       : Y
  Report Descriptor : !hidrd 0xffffe00004281a80 0x127
  Per-FDO IFR Log   : !rcdrlogdump HIDCLASS -a 0xFFFFE0000594D000

  Position in HID tree

  dt FDO_EXTENSION 0xffffe00004f46850

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