The !kuser extension displays the shared user-mode page (KUSER_SHARED_DATA).



Windows 2000

Kdextx86.dll Ntsdexts.dll

Windows XP and later



The KUSER_SHARED_DATA page gives resource and other information about the user who is currently logged on.

Here is an example. Note that, in this example, the tick count is displayed in both its raw form and in a more user-friendly form, which is in parentheses. The user-friendly display is available only in Windows XP and later.

kd> !kuser
_KUSER_SHARED_DATA at 7ffe0000
TickCount:    fa00000 * 00482006 (0:20:30:56.093)
TimeZone Id: 2
ImageNumber Range: [14c .. 14c]
Crypto Exponent: 0
SystemRoot: 'F:\WINDOWS'

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