The !lmi extension displays detailed information about a module.

!lmi Module


Specifies a loaded module, either by name or by base address.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later



Module addresses can be determined by using the lm (List Loaded Modules) command.

The !lmi extension analyzes the module headers and displays a formatted summary of the information therein. If the module headers are paged out, an error message is displayed. To see a more extensive display of header information, use the !dh extension command.

This command shows a number of fields, each with a different title. Some of these titles have specific meanings:

  • The Image Name field shows the name of the executable file, including the extension. Typically, the full path is included in user mode but not in kernel mode.

  • The Module field shows the module name. This is usually just the file name without the extension. In a few cases, the module name differs significantly from the file name.

  • The Symbol Type field shows information about the debugger's attempts to load this module's symbols. For an explanation of the various status values, see Symbol Status Abbreviations. If symbols have been loaded, the symbol file name follows this.

  • The first address in the module is shown as Base Address. The size of the module is shown as Size. Thus, if Base Address is "faab4000" and Size is "2000", the module extends from 0xFAAB4000 to 0xFAAB5FFF, inclusive.

Here is an example:

0:000> lm 
start    end        module name
00400000 0042d000   Prymes     C (pdb symbols)              Prymes.pdb
77e80000 77f35000   KERNEL32     (export symbols)           C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.dll
77f80000 77ffb000   ntdll        (export symbols)           ntdll.dll

0:000> !lmi 00400000
Loaded Module Info: [00400000] 
         Module: Prymes
   Base Address: 00400000
     Image Name: Prymes.exe
   Machine Type: 332 (I386)
     Time Stamp: 3c76c346 Fri Feb 22 14:16:38 2002
           Size: 2d000
       CheckSum: 0
Characteristics: 230e stripped 
Debug Data Dirs: Type Size     VA  Pointer
                 MISC  110,     0,   77a00 [Data not mapped]
    Symbol Type: EXPORT   - PDB not found
    Load Report: export symbols

For an explanation of the abbreviations shown on the Characteristics line of this example, see Symbol Status Abbreviations.

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