The !processfields extension displays the names and offsets of the fields within the executive process (EPROCESS) block.



Windows 2000


Windows XP and later

Unavailable (see the Remarks section)

Additional Information

For information about the EPROCESS block, see Microsoft Windows Internals, by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon. (These resources may not be available in some languages and countries.)


This extension command is not available in Windows XP or later versions of Windows. Instead, use the dt (Display Type) command to show the EPROCESS structure directly:

kd> dt nt!_EPROCESS 

Here is an example of !processfields from a Windows 2000 system:

kd> !processfields
 EPROCESS structure offsets:

    Pcb:                               0x0
    ExitStatus:                        0x6c
    LockEvent:                         0x70
    LockCount:                         0x80
    CreateTime:                        0x88
    ExitTime:                          0x90
    LockOwner:                         0x98
    UniqueProcessId:                   0x9c
    ActiveProcessLinks:                0xa0
    QuotaPeakPoolUsage[0]:             0xa8
    QuotaPoolUsage[0]:                 0xb0
    PagefileUsage:                     0xb8
    CommitCharge:                      0xbc
    PeakPagefileUsage:                 0xc0
    PeakVirtualSize:                   0xc4
    VirtualSize:                       0xc8
    Vm:                                0xd0
    DebugPort:                         0x120
    ExceptionPort:                     0x124
    ObjectTable:                       0x128
    Token:                             0x12c
    WorkingSetLock:                    0x130
    WorkingSetPage:                    0x150
    ProcessOutswapEnabled:             0x154
    ProcessOutswapped:                 0x155
    AddressSpaceInitialized:           0x156
    AddressSpaceDeleted:               0x157
    AddressCreationLock:               0x158
    ForkInProgress:                    0x17c
    VmOperation:                       0x180
    VmOperationEvent:                  0x184
    PageDirectoryPte:                  0x1f0
    LastFaultCount:                    0x18c
    VadRoot:                           0x194
    VadHint:                           0x198
    CloneRoot:                         0x19c
    NumberOfPrivatePages:              0x1a0
    NumberOfLockedPages:               0x1a4
    ForkWasSuccessful:                 0x182
    ExitProcessCalled:                 0x1aa
    CreateProcessReported:             0x1ab
    SectionHandle:                     0x1ac
    Peb:                               0x1b0
    SectionBaseAddress:                0x1b4
    QuotaBlock:                        0x1b8
    LastThreadExitStatus:              0x1bc
    WorkingSetWatch:                   0x1c0
    InheritedFromUniqueProcessId:      0x1c8
    GrantedAccess:                     0x1cc
    DefaultHardErrorProcessing         0x1d0
    LdtInformation:                    0x1d4
    VadFreeHint:                       0x1d8
    VdmObjects:                        0x1dc
    DeviceMap:                         0x1e0
    ImageFileName[0]:                  0x1fc
    VmTrimFaultValue:                  0x20c
    Win32Process:                      0x214
    Win32WindowStation:                0x1c4