The !qlocks extension displays the state of all queued spin locks.



Windows 2000


Windows XP and later


Additional Information

For information about spin locks, see the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) documentation and Microsoft Windows Internals, by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon.


This command is useful only on a multiprocessor system.

Here is an example:

0: kd> !qlocks
Key: O = Owner, 1-n = Wait order, blank = not owned/waiting, C = Corrupt

                       Processor Number
    Lock Name         0  1  2  3

KE   - Dispatcher               
KE   - Unused Spare             
MM   - PFN                      
MM   - System Space             
CC   - Vacb                     
CC   - Master                   
EX   - NonPagedPool             
IO   - Cancel                   
EX   - WorkQueue                
IO   - Vpb                      
IO   - Database                 
IO   - Completion               
NTFS - Struct                   
AFD  - WorkQueue                
CC   - Bcb                      
MM   - MM NonPagedPool