.remote_exit (Exit Debugging Client)

The .remote_exit command exits the debugging client but does not end the debugging session.

.remote_exit [FinalCommands]


Specifies a command string to pass to the debugging server. You should separate multiple commands by using semicolons. These commands are passed to the debugging server and the connection is then broken.


You can use the .remote_exit command only in a script file. You can use it in KD and CDB, but you cannot use it in WinDbg.


User mode, kernel mode


Live, crash dump



Additional Information

For more information about script files, see Using Script Files. For more information about debugging clients and debugging servers, see Remote Debugging Through the Debugger.


If you are using KD or CDB directly, instead of using a script, you can exit from the debugging client by using the CTRL+B key.

You cannot exit from a debugging client through a script that is executed in WinDbg.

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