The !rpcexts.thread extension displays the per-thread RPC information.

This extension command should not be confused with the .thread (Set Register Context) command or the !thread (!kdextx86.thread and !kdexts.thread) extension.

!rpcexts.thread TEB


Specifies the address of the thread environment block (TEB).


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later


Additional Information

For more information about debugging Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC), see RPC Debugging.


This extension displays the per-thread RPC information. A field in the per-thread RPC information is the extended error information for this thread.

Here is an example:

0:001> !rpcexts.thread 7ffdd000
RPC TLS at 692e70

HandleToThread - 0x6c
SavedProcedure - 0x0
SavedParameter - 0x0
ActiveCall - 0x0
Context - 0x0
CancelTimeout - 0xffffffff
SecurityContext - 0x0
ExtendedStatus - 0x0
ThreadEEInfo - 0xb015f0
ThreadEvent at - 0x00692E78
fCallCancelled - 0x0
buffer cache array at - 0x00692E84
fAsync - 0x0

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