.setdll (Set Default Extension DLL)

The .setdll command changes the default extension DLL for the debugger.

.setdll DLLName 


The name and path of the extension DLL. If the full path was specified when the DLL was loaded, it needs to be given in full here as well.



user mode, kernel mode


live, crash dump



Additional Information

For details on loading, unloading, and controlling extensions, see Loading Debugger Extension DLLs. For details on executing extension commands, see Using Debugger Extension Commands.


The debugger maintains a default extension DLL that is implicitly loaded when the debugger is started. This allows the user to specify an extension command without first having to load an extension DLL. This command allows modification of which DLL is loaded as the default DLL.

When a command is issued, the debugger looks for it in the default extension first. If a match is not found, all other loaded extension DLLs are searched in the order they were loaded.