The !tokenfields extension displays the names and offsets of the fields within the access token object (the TOKEN structure).



Windows 2000


Windows XP and later

Unavailable (see the Remarks section)

Additional Information

For information about the TOKEN structure, see Microsoft Windows Internals, by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon. This book may not be available in some languages and countries.(The user-mode token structures described in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation are slightly different.)


This extension command is not available in Windows XP or later versions of Windows. Instead, use the dt (Display Type) command to show the TOKEN structure directly:

kd> dt nt!_TOKEN 

To see a specific instance of the TOKEN structure, use the !token extension.

Here is an example of !tokenfields from a Windows 2000 system:

kd> !tokenfields
 TOKEN structure offsets:
    TokenSource:           0x0
    AuthenticationId:      0x18
    ExpirationTime:        0x28
    ModifiedId:            0x30
    UserAndGroupCount:     0x3c
    PrivilegeCount:        0x44
    VariableLength:        0x48
    DynamicCharged:        0x4c
    DynamicAvailable:      0x50
    DefaultOwnerIndex:     0x54
    DefaultDacl:           0x6c
    TokenType:             0x70
    ImpersonationLevel:    0x74
    TokenFlags:            0x78
    TokenInUse:            0x79
 ProxyData:             0x7c
    AuditData:             0x80
    VariablePart:          0x84