The !usb3kd.device_info command displays information about a USB device in the USB 3.0 tree.

!usb3kd.device_info DeviceContext


Address of the _DEVICE_CONTEXT structure that represents the device.




!device_info and !ucx_device both display information about a device, but the information displayed is different. The output of !device_info is from the point of view of the USB 3.0 hub driver, and the output of !ucx_device is from the point of view of the USB host controller extension driver. For example, the !device_info output includes information about configuration and interface descriptors, and !ucx_device output includes information about endpoints.


You can obtain the address of the device context structure by looking at the output of the !usb_tree command. In the following example, the address of the device context structure is 0xfffffa8005abd0c0.

3: kd> !usb_tree

## Dumping HUB Tree - !drvObj 0xfffffa800597f770

1)  !xhci_info 0xfffffa80051d1940  ... - PCI: VendorId ...
    !hub_info 0xfffffa8005ad92d0 (ROOT)
## Enumerated Device List

2) !device_info 0xfffffa8005abd0c0, !devstack fffffa80059c3800
    Current Device State: ConfiguredInD0
    Desc: ... USB Flash Drive

Now you can pass the address of the device context to the !device_info command.

3: kd> !device_info 0xfffffa8005abd0c0

## Dumping Device Information fffffa8005abd0c0
dt USBHUB3!_DEVICE_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005abd0c0
dt USBHUB3!_HUB_PDO_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005b118d0
!idle_info 0xfffffa8005b11920 (dt USBHUB3!_ISM_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005b11920)
Parent !hub_info 0xfffffa8005ad92d0 (dt USBHUB3!_HUB_FDO_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005ad92d0)
!port_info 0xfffffa8005abe0c0 (dt USBHUB3!_PORT_CONTEXT 0xfffffa8005abe0c0)
!ucx_device 0xfffffa8005992840 !xhci_deviceslots 0xfffffa80051d1940 1

LPMState: U1IsEnabledForUpStreamPort U2IsEnabledForUpStreamPort U1Timeout: 38, U2Timeout: 3
DeviceFlags: HasContainerId NoBOSContainerId Removable HasSerialNumber MsOsDescriptorNotSupported NoWakeUpSupport DeviceIsSuperSpeedCapable 
DeviceHackFlags: WillDisableOnSoftRemove SkipSetIsochDelay WillResetOnResumeS0 DisableOnSoftRemove 

dt _USB_INTERFACE_DESCRIPTOR 0xfffffa80053f9259
ProductId: ... Flash Drive
DeviceDescriptor: VID ... PID ... REV 0a00,  Class: (0)(0) BcdUsb: 0300

UcxRequest: !wdfrequest 0x57ffa662948, 
ControlRequest: !wdfrequest 0x57ffa667798, !irp 0xfffffa8005997650 !urb 0xfffffa8005abd1c0, NumberOfBytes 0
Device working at SuperSpeed
Current Device State: ConfiguredInD0

Device State History: <Event> NewState (<Operation>(),..) :

    [16] <Yes> ConfiguredInD0
Device Event History:
    [10] TransferSuccess

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