The !usbkd._ehciep command displays information from a usbehci!_ENDPOINT_DATA structure. Use this command to display information about asynchronous endpoints (that is, control and bulk endpoints).

!usbkd._ehciep StructAddr


Address of a usbehci!_ENDPOINT_DATA structure. To find addresses of usbehci!_ENDPOINT_DATA structures, use !usbhcdext and !usblist.




This example shows one way to get the address of a usbehci!_ENDPOINT_DATA structure. Start with the !usb2tree command.

0: kd> !usbkd.usb2tree
2)!ehci_info ffffe0000206e1a0 !devobj ffffe0000206e050 PCI: VendorId 8086 DeviceId 293c RevisionId 0002 
    RootHub !hub2_info ffffe000024a61a0 !devstack ffffe000024a6050
        Port 1: !port2_info ffffe000026dd000 
        Port 2: !port2_info ffffe000026ddb40 
        Port 3: !port2_info ffffe000026de680 !devstack ffffe00001ec3060
            !device2_info ffffe00001ec31b0 (USB Mass Storage Device: Xxx Corporation)
        Port 4: !port2_info ffffe000026df1c0 

In the preceding output, the address of the device extension of the FDO is displayed as the argument of the DML command !ehci_info ffffe0000206e1a0. Either click the DML command or pass the address of the device extension to !usbhcdext.

0: kd> !usbkd.usbhcdext ffffe0000206e1a0
DeviceHandleList: !usblist ffffe0000206f3b8, DL 
DeviceHandleDeletedList: !usblist ffffe0000206f3c8, DL [Empty]
GlobalEndpointList: !usblist ffffe0000206f388, EP 

The preceding output displays the command !usblist ffffe0000206f388, EP. Use this command to display a list of endpoints.

0: kd> !usblist ffffe0000206f388, EP 
list: ffffe0000206f388 EP
dt usbport!_HCD_ENDPOINT ffffe000026dc970  !usbep ffffe000026dc970
common buffer bytes 0x00003000 (12288) @ va 0000000021e6e000 pa 00000000d83c9000
Device Address: 0x01, ep 0x81 Bulk In Flags: 00000041 dt _USB_ENDPOINT_FLAGS ffffe000026dc990
... usbehci!_ENDPOINT_DATA ffffe000026dcc38

In the preceding output, ffffe000026dcc38 is the address of a usbehci!_ENDPOINT_DATA structure. Pass this address to !_ehciep.

0: kd> !usbkd._ehciep ffffe000026dcc38
dt usbehci!_ENDPOINT_DATA ffffe000026dcc38
Flags: 0x00000000
dt usbehci!_HCD_QUEUEHEAD_DESCRIPTOR ffffd00021e6e080
*HwQH ffffd00021e6e080
     HwQH.HLink dea2e002
     HwQH.EpChars 02002101
         DeviceAddress: 0x1
         IBit: 0x0
         EndpointNumber: 0x1
         EndpointSpeed: 0x2 HcEPCHAR_HighSpeed
         DataToggleControl: 0x0
         HeadOfReclimationList: 0x0
         MaximumPacketLength: 0x200 - 512
current slot 0000000000000000
slot[0] dt usbehci!_ENDPOINT_SLOT ffffe000026dcdb8 - slot_NotBusy
     dt usbehci!_HCD_TRANSFER_DESCRIPTOR ffffd00021e6e100
    tdphys: d83c9100'200 txlen 00000000 tx ffffd00000000041 flags 6d4e695d  _BUSY _SLOT_RESET
    Next_qTD: d83c9200'd83c9180 AltNext_qTD 77423c00'41 
    NextTD: ffffd00021e6e200 AltNextTD ffffd00021e6e180 SlotNextTd ffffd00021e6e200 tok 00000c00  Xbytes x0 (0)
     dt usbehci!_HCD_TRANSFER_DESCRIPTOR ffffd00021e6e200
    tdphys: d83c9200'5000 txlen 00000000 tx ffffd00000000041 flags 6d4e695d  _BUSY _SLOT_RESET
    Next_qTD: d83c9280'd83c9180 AltNext_qTD 77423c00'41 
    NextTD: ffffd00021e6e280 AltNextTD ffffd00021e6e180 SlotNextTd ffffd00021e6e280 tok 00000c00  Xbytes x0 (0)

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