The !usbkd.hubinfo command displays information about a USB hub.

!usbkd.hubinfo FDO


Address of the functional device object (FDO) for a USB hub.




Here is one way to find the address of the FDO for a USB hub. First enter !usbkd.usb2tree.

0: kd> !usbkd.usb2tree
2)!ehci_info ffffe00001ca11a0 !devobj ffffe00001ca1050 PCI: VendorId 8086 DeviceId 293c RevisionId 0002 
    RootHub !hub2_info ffffe000023201a0 !devstack ffffe00002320050

In the preceding output, the address of the FDO for the hub appears as the argument of the suggested command !devstack ffffe00002320050.

Now pass the address of the FDO to the !usbhubinfo command.

0: kd> !usbkd.usbhubinfo ffffe00002320050

    !DevObj ffffe00002320050 !usbhubext ffffe000023201a0 
On Host Controller (0x8086, 0x293c) 
        Stat_AsyncResumeStartAt: 2437ee39d29bd528
        Stat_AsyncResumeCompleteAt: 24413c77d29bd528
        Stat_AsyncResume: 0x3c(60) ms
        Stat_SyncResumeStartAt: 2437ee39d29bd528
        Stat_SyncResumeCompleteAt: 2437ee39d29bd528
        Stat_SyncResume: 0x0(0) ms
Trap Regs: Event, Port, Event (ffffe000023204d0) 
    Enable: 0 Port: 0 Event 00000000
Hub Number: # 3
Number Of Ports: 4
dt usbhub!_USBHUB_FDO_FLAGS ffffe00002320ba0
>Is Root
>Power Switching: 
     No Power Switching 
     Global Overcurrent 
     No PortIndicators present
     DO NOT WakeOnConnect
>CURRENT Hub Wake on Connectstate: 
     HWC_DISARM:- do not wake system on connect/disconnect event
>CURRENT Bus Wake state: 
     BUS_DISARM:- bus not armed for wake by this hub
>CURRENT Wake Detect state (WW Irp): 
     HUB_DISARM:- no ww irp pending (HUB_WAKESTATE_DISARMED)
Milliamps/Port : 500ma
Power caps (0 = not reported)
     PortPower_Registry : 0
     PortPower_DeviceStatus : 500
     PortPower_CfgDescriptor : 500
     PortPower_HubStatus : 500

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