The !usbkd.usbhubpd command displays information about a USB port.

!usbkd.usbhubpd StructAddr


Address of a usbhub!_HUB_PORT_DATA structure. To get the addresses of these structures, use !usbhubext.




Here is one way to find the address of a usbhub!_HUB_PORT_DATA. First enter !usbkd.usb2tree.

0: kd> !usbkd.usb2tree
2)!ehci_info ffffe00001ca11a0 !devobj ffffe00001ca1050 PCI: VendorId 8086 DeviceId 293c RevisionId 0002 
    RootHub !hub2_info ffffe000023201a0 !devstack ffffe00002320050

In the preceding output, you can see the suggested command !devstack ffffe00002320050. Enter this command.

0: kd> !kdexts.devstack ffffe00002320050

  !DevObj           !DrvObj            !DevExt           ObjectName
> ffffe00002320050  \Driver\usbhub     ffffe000023201a0  0000002d
  ffffe0000213c050  \Driver\usbehci    ffffe0000213c1a0  USBPDO-3

In the preceding output, you can see that the address of the device extension for the FDO of the hub is ffffe000023201a0.

Pass the address of the device extension to the !usbhubext command.

0: kd> !usbkd.usbhubext ffffe000023201a0

FDO ffffe00002320050 PDO ffffe0000213c050 HubNumber# 3
dt USBHUB!_DEVICE_EXTENSION_HUB ffffe000023201a0
!usbhublog ffffe000023201a0
RemoveLock ffffe00002320668
FdoFlags ffffe00002320ba0

CurrentPowerIrp: System (0000000000000000) Device (0000000000000000)

PortData 1: !port2_info ffffe000021bf000 Port State = PS_WAIT_CONNECT PortChangeLock: 0, Pcq_State: Pcq_Run_Idle             
     PDO 0000000000000000 

In the preceding output, ffffe000021bf000 is the address of a _HUB_PORT_DATA structure. Pass this address to !usbhubpd.

0: kd> !usbkd.usbhubpd ffffe000021bf000
PortNumber: 1
Parent Hub FDO ffffe00002320050
Device PDO <NULL>
dt USBHUB!_HUB_PORT_DATA ffffe000021bf000
dt USBHUB!_PORTDATA_FLAGS ffffe000021bf968

PortChangelist: !usblist ffffe000021bf1c8, CL [Empty]

## Port Indicators Log (latest at bottom)

##     Event           State                Next


## Port Change Queue History (latest at bottom)

##     Event                State                    Next                     PcqEv_Suspend PcqEv_Resume  PcqEv_ChDone  Tag 

01. PCE_Resume           Pcq_Stop                 Pcq_Pause                              PcqEv_Reset   PcqEv_Reset   REQUEST_RESUME     
...          Pcq_Run_wBusy            Pcq_Run_Idle                                                                            

## Port Status History (latest at bottom)

##     Current State          Change Eve nt        PDO              CEOSP H/W Port REG Frame Inserted

01. PS_WAIT_CONNECT        REQUEST_PAUSE       0000000000000000 00000 100  Age:000 512498

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