The !wmitrace.logger extension displays data about the trace session, including the session configuration data. This extension does not display trace messages generated during the session.

!wmitrace.logger [ LoggerID | LoggerName ]


Specifies the trace session. LoggerID is an ordinal number that the system assigns to each trace session on the computer. If no parameter is specified, the trace session with ID equal to 1 is used.

Specifies the trace session. LoggerName is the text name that was specified when the trace session was started.


This extension is exported by Wmitrace.dll.

This extension is available in Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows. If you want to use this extension with Windows 2000, you must first copy the Wmitrace.dll file from the winxp subdirectory of the Debugging Tools for Windows installation directory to the w2kfre subdirectory.

Additional Information

For a conceptual overview of event tracing, see the Microsoft Windows SDK.


This extension is designed for performance logs and events, which cannot be formatted for human-readable display. To display the trace messages in a trace session buffer, along with header data, use !wmitrace.logdump.

To find the logger ID of a trace session, use the !wmitrace.strdump extension. Alternatively, you can use the Tracelog command tracelog -l to list the trace sessions and their basic properties, including the logger ID.

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