.wtitle (Set Window Title)

The .wtitle command sets the title in the main WinDbg window or in the NTSD, CDB, or KD window.

.wtitle Title 


The title to use for the window.


This command cannot be used in script files.


user mode, kernel mode


live, crash dump




For CDB, NTSD, or KD, if the .wtitle command has not been used, the window title matches the command line used to launch the debugger.

For WinDbg, if .wtitle has not been used, the main window title includes the name of the target. If a debugging server is active, its connection string is displayed as well. If multiple debugging servers are active, only the most recent one is displayed.

When .wtitle is used, Title replaces all this information. Even if a debugging server is started later, Title will not change.

The WinDbg version number is always displayed in the window title bar, regardless of whether this command is used.

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