The !wudfext.umdevstacks extension displays information about all device stacks in the current host process.

!wudfext.umdevstacks [Flags] 


Optional. Specifies the type of information to be displayed. Flags can be any combination of the following bits. The default value is 0x01.

Bit 0 (0x01)
Displays detailed information about each device stack.

Bit 8 (0x80)
Displays information about the internal framework.



## Remarks

The !wudfext.umdevstacks extension displays the framework interface objects that are associated with each device stack. For more information about using the output from !wudfext.umdevstacks, see !wudfext.umdevstack.

The !wudfext.umdevstacks output includes two fields entitled "Object Tracking" and "Refcount Tracking". These indicate whether the object tracking option (TrackObjects) and the reference count tracking option (TrackRefCounts) have been enabled in WDF Verifier, respectively. If the object tracking option has been enabled, the display includes the object tracker address; this address can be passed to !wudfext.wudfdumpobjects to display tracking information.

Here is an example of the !wudfext.umdevstacks display:

0: kd> !umdevstacks 
Number of device stacks: 1
  Device Stack: 0x038c6f08    Pdo Name: \Device\USBPDO-11
    Number of UM devices: 1
    Device 0
      Driver Config Registry Path: WUDFOsrUsbFx2
      UMDriver Image Path: D:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\UMDF\WUDFOsrUsbFx2.dll
      Fx Driver: IWDFDriver 0x3076ff0
      Fx Device: IWDFDevice 0x3082e70
        IDriverEntry: WUDFOsrUsbFx2!CMyDriver 0x0306eff8
      Open UM files (use !umfile <addr> for details): 
      Device XFerMode: CopyImmediately RW: Buffered CTL: Buffered
      Object Tracker Address: 0x03074fd8
        Object   Tracking ON
        Refcount Tracking OFF
    DevStack XFerMode: CopyImmediately RW: Buffered CTL: Buffered

Additional Information

For more information, see User-Mode Driver Framework Debugging.