The MUST_SUCCEED_POOL_EMPTY bug check has a value of 0x00000041. This indicates that a kernel-mode thread has requested too much must-succeed pool.

Important This topic is for programmers. If you are a customer who has received a blue screen error code while using your computer, see Troubleshoot blue screen errors.


Parameter Description


The size of the request that could not be satisfied


The number of pages used from nonpaged pool


The number of requests from nonpaged pool larger than PAGE_SIZE


The number of pages available


In Microsoft Windows 2000, only a small amount of must-succeed pool is permitted. In Windows XP and later, no driver is permitted to request must-succeed pool.

If a must-succeed request cannot be filled, this bug check is issued.


Replace or rewrite the driver which is making the request. A driver should not request must-succeed pool. Instead, it should ask for normal pool and gracefully handle the scenario where the pool is temporarily empty.

The kb (Display Stack Backtrace) command will show the driver that caused the error.

Additionally, it is possible that a second component has depleted the must-succeed pool. To determine if this is the case, first use the kb command. Then use !vm 1 to display total pool usage, !poolused 2 to display per-tag nonpaged pool usage, and !poolused 4 to display per-tag paged pool usage. The component associated with the tag using the most pool is probably the source of the problem.