Configuring Special Pool

The Gflags Special Pool feature directs Windows to request memory allocations from a reserved memory pool when the memory is allocated with a specified pool tag or is within a specified size range.

For detailed information about this feature, see Special Pool.

In Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, you can configure the Special Pool feature as a system-wide registry setting or as a kernel flags setting that does not require a reboot. In earlier versions of Windows, Special Pool is available only as a registry setting.

In Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, you can also use the command line to request special pool by pool tag. For information, see GFlags Commands.

This section includes the following topics.

Requesting Special Pool by Pool Tag

Requesting Special Pool by Allocation Size

Canceling Requests for Special Pool

Detecting Overruns and Underruns

Note Use Driver Verifier to request special pool for allocations by a particular driver. For more information, see the "Special Pool" topic in the "Driver Verifier" section of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

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