Get RPC Cell Information

Detailed cell information is displayed by the !rpcexts.getdbgcell extension, or by DbgRpc when the -l switch is used.

The process ID of the process that contains the preferred cell must be specified, as well as the cell number.

In the following example, the process ID is 0x278, and the cell number is 0000.0002:

D:\wmsg>dbgrpc -l -P 278 -L 0.2
Getting cell info ...
Status: Dispatched
Thread ID: 0x1A4 (420)
Last update time (in seconds since boot):470.25 (0x1D6.19)

For details on the optional parameters, see DbgRpc Command-Line Options.

For a similar example using the RPC debugger extensions, see !rpcexts.getdbgcell.