Other ACPI Debugging Extensions

The following extension commands are useful for debugging problems with an Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) BIOS:

  • !acpicache displays all of the ACPI tables cached by the hardware application layer (HAL)

  • !acpiinf displays information on the configuration of the ACPI

  • !acpiirqarb displays the contents of the ACPI IRQ arbiter structure

  • !facs displays a Firmware ACPI Control Structure

  • !fadt displays a Fixed ACPI Description Table

  • !mapic displays an ACPI Multiple APIC Table

  • !nsobj displays an ACPI namespace object

  • !nstree displays a section of the ACPI namespace tree

  • !rsdt displays the ACPI Root System Description Table

For a complete list of ACPI-related extensions, see !acpikd.help.

For details on the !amlixxx extensions, see The AMLI Debugger.

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