q, qq (Quit)

The q and qq commands end the debugging session. (In CDB and KD, this command also exits the debugger itself. In WinDbg, this command returns the debugger to dormant mode.)




User mode, kernel mode


Live, crash dump




In user-mode debugging, the q command ends the debugging session and closes the target application.

In kernel-mode debugging, the q command saves the log file and ends the debugging session. The target computer remains locked.

If this command does not work in KD, press CTRL+R+ENTER on the debugger keyboard, and then retry the q command. If this action does not work, you must use CTRL+B+ENTER to exit the debugger.

The qq command behaves exactly like the q command, unless you are performing remote debugging. During remote debugging, the q command has no effect, but the qq command ends the debugging server. For more information about this effect, see Remote Debugging Through the Debugger.

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