Remote Client Syntax

To start the client side of the Remote tool, use the following syntax at the command line.

remote /c Server SessionName [/L Lines] [/f] [/b] [/k ColorFile] 


Connects the client to a remote session.

Specifies the computer name of the server that established the session.

Specifies the name of the remote session. This parameter is not case-sensitive.

/L Lines
Specifies the number of lines from the console display that are sent to the client computer. The default is 200 lines. Lines is a decimal number.

Specifies the color of the text in the server command window.

Specifies the background color of the server command window.

Specifies a color. Valid values are black, blue, green, cyan, red, purple, yellow, white, lblack, lblue, lgreen, lred, lpurple, lyellow, and lwhite.

/k ColorFile
Indicates the path (optional) and name of a formatted text file that specifies the colors for displaying the output on the client computer.

The color file associates keywords in the output with text colors. When the keywords appear in a line of output, the Remote tool applies the associated text color to that line. For the format of the file, see "Remarks".

/q Computer
Displays the remote sessions available on the specified computer. Only visible sessions appear in the list. (See /v in Remote Server Syntax.)


The Server and SessionName parameters must appear in the order shown on the syntax line.

To disconnect from a remote session, type @q. For more information, see Remote Session Commands.

Keyword Color File. The format of the keyword color file is as follows. The keyword interpreter is not case sensitive.

The keyword or phrase appears on a line by itself. The colors associated with that keyword appear by themselves on the following line, as shown in the syntax:

TextColor[, BackgroundColor]

For example, the following file directs Remote to display lines that include the word "error" in black text on a light red background; to display lines that include the word "warning" in light blue (on the default background), and lines that include the phrase "Windows Vista" in light green on the default background.

black, lred
Windows Vista

Sample Usage

remote /c Server01 TestSession
remote /c Domain1\ComputerA0 "cmd" "My Remote Session"
remote /c Server01 TestSession /L 50 /f black /b white /k c:\remote_file.txt
remote /q Server01