Repeater Examples

Let us suppose you have three computers, \\BOXA, \\BOXB, and \\BOXC, and you wish to use them as the server, the repeater, and the client, respectively.

You can start a debugging server on \\BOXA, using process 122 as the target, in the following manner:

E:\Debugging Tools for Windows> cdb -server tcp:port=1025,password=wrought -p 122 

Then you can start a repeater on \\BOXB as follows:

C:\Misc> dbengprx -c tcp:server=BOXA,port=1025 -s npipe:pipe=MyPipe 

Finally, start a debugging client on \\BOXC in the following manner:

G:\Debugging Tools> windbg -remote npipe:server=BOXB,pipe=MyPipe,password=wrought 

Here is another example. Your symbols are at the remote location, So you decide to use a process server on the computer where the target is, You put a repeater at

You also decide to use reverse connections. So you begin by starting the client on

G:\Debugging Tools> windbg -premote tcp:clicon=,port=1033 notepad.exe 

Then start the repeater on

C:\Misc> dbengprx -c tcp:clicon=,port=1025 -s tcp:port=1033,clicon= 

And finally start the process server on

E:\Debugging Tools for Windows> dbgsrv -t tcp:port=1025,clicon= 

For a more complicated example using repeaters, see Two Firewalls.