sq (Set Quiet Mode)

The sq command turns quiet mode on or off.




User mode, kernel mode


Live, crash dump




The sqe command turns quiet mode on, and the sqd command turns it off. The sq command turns on and off quiet mode. Each of these commands also displays the new quiet mode status.

You can set quiet mode in KD or kernel-mode WinDbg by using the KDQUIET environment variable. (Note that quiet mode exists in both user-mode and kernel-mode debugging, but the KDQUIET environment variable is only recognized in kernel mode.)

Quiet mode has three distinct effects:

  • The debugger does not display messages every time that an extension DLL is loaded or unloaded.

  • The r (Registers) command no longer requires an equal sign (=) in its syntax.

  • When you break into a target computer while kernel debugging, the long warning message is suppressed.

Do not confuse quiet mode with the effects of the -myob command-line option (in CDB and KD) or the -Q command-line option (in WinDbg).