Target Information

The method GetDebuggeeType returns the nature of the current target (for example, whether it is a kernel-mode or user-mode target), and how the debugger engine is connected to it.

If the target is a crash dump file file, the method GetDumpFormatFlags will indicate what information is contained in the dump.

Target's Computer

The page size of the target's computer is returned by GetPageSize. IsPointer64Bit will indicate if the computer uses 32-bit or 64-bit addresses.

Note Internally, the debugger engine always uses 64-bit addresses for the target. If the target only uses 32-bit addresses, the engine automatically converts them when communicating with the target.

The number of processors in the target's computer is returned by GetNumberProcessors.

There are three different processor types associated with the target's computer:

  • The actual processor type is the type of the physical processor in the target's computer. This is returned by GetActualProcessorType.

  • The executing processor type is the type of the processor used in the currently executing processor context. This is returned by GetExecutingProcessorType.

  • The effective processor type is the processor type the debugger uses when interpreting information from the target -- for example, setting breakpoints, accessing registers, and getting stack traces. The effective processor type is returned by GetEffectiveProcessorType and can be changed using SetEffectiveProcessorType.

The effective processor type and executing processor type may differ from the actual processor type -- for example, when the physical processor is an x64 processor and it is running in x86 mode.

The different executing processor types that are supported by the physical processor on the target's computer are returned by GetPossibleExecutingProcessorTypes. The number of these is returned by GetNumberPossibleExecutingProcessorTypes.

The list of processor types that is supported by the debugger engine is returned by GetSupportedProcessorTypes. The number of supported processor types is returned by GetNumberSupportedProcessorTypes.

The names (full and abbreviated) of a processor type are returned by GetProcessorTypeNames.

The current time on the target's computer is returned by GetCurrentTimeDate. The length of time the target's computer has been running since the last boot is returned by GetCurrentSystemUpTime. Time information may not be available for all targets.

Target Versions

The Windows version running on the target's computer is returned by GetSystemVersionValues and the Request operation DEBUG_REQUEST_GET_WIN32_MAJOR_MINOR_VERSIONS, and a description of the Windows version is returned by GetSystemVersionString. Some of this information is also returned by GetSystemVersion.

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