_Kernel_IoGetDmaAdapter_ Annotation for drivers

Use the _Kernel_IoGetDmaAdapter_ annotation to direct the code analysis tools to look for misuse of DMA pointers.

If a function calls an interface annotated with the _Kernel_IoGetDmaAdapter_ annotation, it shall have retry logic such that retries occur until the function succeeds.

The IoGetDmaAdapter routine could return fewer than the requested number of registers, and the caller is required to proceed using the actual number, not the requested number.

struct _DMA_ADAPTER *
    _In_opt_ PDEVICE_OBJECT PhysicalDeviceObject,           // required for PnP drivers
    _In_ struct _DEVICE_DESCRIPTION *DeviceDescription,
    _Out_ _When_(return!=0, _Kernel_IoGetDmaAdapter_ _At_(*NumberOfMapRegisters, _Must_inspect_result_))
    PULONG NumberOfMapRegisters

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